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We invite anyone who wishes to register with us to fill in an application form in the first instance.

All Registrants must hold;

As a potential registrant, you must also confirm that you have no outstanding complaints or concerns against you in relation to your practice.

After the application form is received, you will be invited to take part in an “intake interview”. This will be conducted by the Registrar and recorded via a brief note rather than a formal video recording. 

The interview is relatively brief (30 mins) and focusses mainly on the Principles of Professional Practice (PoPP) , safeguarding, and expectations in terms of CPD (including support to develop an individual CPD plan). It also gives you the opportunity to put any queries or concerns you might have to SRLPDC to make sure we can meet your needs as a practitioner. 

We are also hopeful it will be a chance to get to know you and set up a supportive professional relationship between SRLPDC and you as a registrant with us.

The interview can be carried out remotely so we can support applicants from rural areas.

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