Designing our logo

Hi my name is Ruaridh. I was commissioned by SRLPDC to create a logo for the new Scottish registration body. In designing this logo, I wanted to make sure I captured all the elements of BSL and Scotland itself, as well as reflecting all the other language professionals that can register with SRLPDC.  

First of all I’ve created the logo to look like the map of Scotland, you will also notice that the logo looks like a hand.  This represents BSL as a language but it also has the five fingers, these fingers indicate as I said, the different language professionals that are also able to register with SRLPDC; notetakers,  lipspeakers,  professionals who work with deafblind people and so on.  

You will also note at the bottom of the hand there is a circle – this circle represents “the community”, ie  the BSL community, and the language professional community.  No matter what path you have taken to becoming a professional, you still come back to the main hub and body of the community which is represented by the circle.  

I had great fun creating this logo, I hope you like it, and thanks again to SRLPDC for asking me to do it.  Thanks again for watching, bye now.