Board Members

Mags Greig

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Mags has worked in the Deaf sector for over thirty years, first of all as a residential child care worker, then as a manager, and now as a freelance BSL/ English interpreter. She is also a qualified social worker and holds her SQA Award in Leadership and Management in Care Services. Mags works part time as an SVQ Workplace Assessor for Health and Social Care. Mags joined SASLI in 1997 and has been involved with the Board of Trustees since 2015, becoming Chair in 2017.


Member of the Board of Trustees

Lesley is a freelance BSL Interpreter with almost 20years experience. She is based in Aberdeenshire, lives with her husband Fraser and 17year old cat Macey. Her background is in healthcare having spent 25years as a registered Psychiatric nurse. She previously served as chair of SASLI and is passionate about raising standards in Scottish interpreting, she is very proud to be a Scottish interpreter and delighted to be on the Board of SRLPDC.


Member of the Board of Trustees

Iain has a long and ongoing career in the media working as a photographer and journalist in newspapers, on radio, television, in media relations for various companies and for a Member of Parliament.  As a major part of his everyday work is communicating with people, he feels that no-one should be excluded for any reason. He has been a founder member of two Talking Newspapers, Community Radio stations and serves on the board and as Trustee of various charities. He has also been the Chairman of a Sensory Care charity which provided support and service mainly to people with hearing impairment, but also to those with visual impairment.  All of these posts have been entirely voluntary.      

Member of the Board of Trustees

Alison is a profoundly Deaf BSL user, born in Glasgow and living in Edinburgh. She currently works in the University of Edinburgh, starting out as their first-ever BSL Officer overseeing the implementation of the BSL Plan, having worked in the role since October 2019. She will work as a Student Adviser from June 2023 onwards. Alison worked in deaf organisations prior to joining the university, advocating for better and improved societal access and inclusion for Deaf and Deafblind people, having been involved with the workings of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 by supporting deaf young people and further/higher education institutions around Scotland. Alison works closely with BSL/English interpreters in her line of work and is delighted to be part of the Scottish Register as a trustee. She has a Hearing Dog called Gerry who is a cheeky and lovable black Labrador.


Member of the Board of Trustees

Brooke is originally from Texas, USA where she became certified as an American Sign Language interpreter in 2016. Brooke, her husband, and their border collie moved to Scotland in 2022, and currently reside in Aberdeenshire. She is honoured to be a part of the Board of SRLPDC and looks forward to learning more about Scotland, and the BSL community as a whole.

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